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Blinkbonnie History

It is likely that Stephen I. Miller (1804-1888) built the house around 1850, after his marriage to Sarah Ostrander in 1849. The Millers settled in the area in the 18th century and it is presumed he leased the land prior to purchasing it outright in 1854.

Edgar Miller inherited the property upon his father's death in 1888 and resided there until 1915. During his occupancy the property became known as Blinkbonnie. (There is a signed cabinet in the garage that belonged to Edgar that will be given to the new owner.)


The owners of the property from 1915 to 1929 were the Gilbert family. Frank Bixby Gilbert (1867-1927) was a prominent Albany attorney who authored several books on New York State law that are still used today. (Some of his reference books were located in the house and will be given to the new owner). The Gilberts hired well-known architects Fuller & Robinson to remodel the home, with a fashionable Colonial Revival porch, enlarged rear wing and a more open interior plan. (These architectural plans on linen still exist . They will be given to the new owner of Blinkbonnie at closing.) It is also likely that the property was landscaped at that time with specimen trees, shrubs and formal gardens.

The Gilberts either died or left the property in the late 1920's and it is believed Blinkbonnie was rented to the Royal K. Fuller family as a summer home in the early 1930's until they purchased it in 1936. Royal K. Fuller was a wealthy investor and friend of Alfred E. Smith (Governor of New York). His wife Monte was a former Ziegfield Follies performer. Royal became the New York State Commissioner of Canals and Waterways in the 1920's, then the owner of Redi-Mix Cement company.

Albert B. Corey (1898-1963) and his wife, Inez bought Blinkbonnie in 1944 at the time of his appointment as the New York State Historian and lived there until his death in 1963.

Rundown and cut up into apartments after the Corey family left, the owner since 1973 is an international antiques dealer who has restored the house with impeccable taste, sensitively adding modern amenities while retaining the home's original grandeur and charm.