Back Wing

Mechanicals and Surfaces

The current owner has lived in Blinkbonnie for almost 42 years. The house has been meticulously restored and maintained by the present owner.   An "artistic eye" has chosen colors, selected updates and made sure all surfaces were properly prepared before finish coats were applied.

A new furnace was installed in 2009.

Insulation was added to the attic in 2011 which has resulted in much lower heating bills.  

A new state-of-the-art GE hot water heater was installed October, 2011.

The wonderful well water (which continues to win awards for the town of Schodack) was tested for purity in 2011. There is no bacteria....and there are no chemicals.....but plenty of wonderful natural minerals for your added health.

The outside of the house and out buildings were restored 6 years ago.  3 coats of excellent quality primer and paint were applied after meticulous  preparation.

Roofs have been replaced as needed.  The owner uses GAF "Weathered Wood" architectural shingles.  The back of the house was roofed 6 years ago and the back of the barn was roofed 4 years ago.

Maintenance of Blinkbonnie is the same as you would have with any home.